HOT NEW PRODUCT! SP Aluminum Series Intake for Polaris Slingshot

You already purchased the sporty 2020-2023 Polaris Slingshot and now you’re hunting for an intake system that’ll give you the sound you crave, the power you demand, and the under hood looks you desire. Look no further because Injen has exciting news for you! The PS7001 performance cold air intake from Injen Technology will allow that L4-2.0L engine found in your Slingshot to breathe deeper and provide the added performance that you’ve been craving. Injen Technology has gone steps further than the competition in this design – for example - by designing a full intake system that keeps the IAT sensor inside the airflow path for far superior fuel trim calibrations during normal driving. This isn’t just some filter on the end of the stock intake tube like the competition has brought to market; the Injen intake is a fully engineered system that is designed and manufactured by the same people that gave you the best-selling intake for the Gen1 Slingshot!

Being part of the SP family for Injen Technology, the SP series of cold air intakes is Injen’s flagship system in their lines of traditional aluminum cold air intake systems. Injen Technology is the world’s first tuned air intake system and holds four (4) patents on the tuning process of an intake system, something no other manufacturer can claim. The SP series of cold air intakes feature many of Injen Technology’s patented tuning processes, including MegaRam (MR) Technology (Patents 7,359,795 and 7,669,571), Air Fusion (Patent 7,721,669), and many other innovations that keep Injen Technology at the forefront in the performance aftermarket.

The soul of this intake is found within the massive 4.00in O.D. 6061-T6 aluminum air intake tube that provides a smooth uninterrupted path for highly efficient airflow. Our engineers have painstakingly designed the intake to provide the highest levels of safe power, along with clean aesthetics that will impress every time you open your hood. In addition to the impressive power increase, the Injen team has ensured that a safe Air fuel (A/F) ratio has been maintained throughout the power band.

Additionally, this SP intake includes a fully serviceable Injen SuperNano-Web dry air filter, which provides increased filter surface area allowing for greater airflow and unbeatable filtration. If that's not enough, the Injen SP performance intake provides power you can hear and feel! This intake provides an aggressive and throaty tone that is unmatched in the aftermarket. Want to add that personalized touch to your intake? You’re in luck, as Injen also offers this intake system in three finishes. The Polished is PS7001P, Wrinkle Black is PS7001WB, and Wrinkle Red is PS7001WR. To top it all off, this SP CAI kit includes the unbeatable Injen Technology limited Lifetime Warranty!

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