HOT NEW PRODUCT! Mazda 6 Short Ram Intake

Is your engine choking for air and in need of some additional horsepower? If so, Injen has exciting news for you! The SP series of cold air intakes from Injen Technology will allow your engine to breathe deeper and enhance the performance that you’ve been craving. The SP series of cold air intakes is Injen’s flagship system in their lines of traditional aluminum cold air intake systems. Injen Technology is the world’s first tuned air intake system and holds four (4) patents on the tuning process of an intake system, something no other manufacturer can claim. The SP series of cold air intakes feature many of Injen Technology’s patented tuning process, including MegaRam (MR) Technology (Patents 7,359,795 and 7,669,571), Air Fusion (Patent 7,721,669), and many other innovations that keep Injen Technology at the forefront in the performance aftermarket.

Manufactured from lightweight, mandrel-bent, 3.25 inch 6061-T6 aluminum piping, this intake system is hand-crafted using only the best quality materials.

Our highly effective SuperNano-Web Dry Air Filter was designed to help ensure your car runs smoother, and stays cleaner. All SuperNano-Web air filters feature a proprietary media that includes a high-flow base media with a Nano membrane applied on top. This filter helps provide a line of defense from any harmful dirt and debris that will inevitably enter your valuable engine.

Each and every one of our products is tried, tested, and proven to perform, and the SP6074 intake system is no exception. The SP6074 is tuned from the factory to stay within manufacturer specified fuel trims and A/F ratios with no additional tuning required. In other words, you won't have to worry about your check engine light turning on or worry about damaging your engine.



2018-2021 Mazda 6 L4-2.5L Turbo

Part Numbers:

Wrinkle BlackSP6074WB

MAP: $319.95



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