NEW PRODUCT RELEASE! SP Dual Ram Horn Air Intake System for Genesis G70

The Genesis G70 is the performance luxury car that has taken the world by storm with its balance of sports car feel with the added benefit of extreme comfort while on the open road. Injen Technology has taken the new 2019-2021 Genesis G70 equipped with the 3.3L Turbo engine deep into our R&D lab to extract the hidden power potential inside the engine and what we have come up is nothing short of amazing.

The OE intake tract is very restrictive from the factory and limiting power output by choking the turbos. Our new SP1351 dual ram horn cold air intake opens that intake tract with large, stepped aluminum intake tubes that allows that turbo and engine to breathe deep, while keeping intake velocity up to produce the power that you have been craving.

The SP series of cold air intakes is Injen’s flagship system in their lines of traditional aluminum cold air intake systems. It provides an intake growl that will surely excite your senses as you open your Genesis G70 and let those turbos spool. The soul of this intake is found within 6061-T6 aluminum air intake tube that provides a smooth uninterrupted path for highly efficient airflow. Our engineers have painstakingly designed the intake to provide the highest levels of safe power, along with clean aesthetics that will impress every time you open your hood. In addition to the impressive power increase, the Injen team has ensured that a safe Air fuel (A/F) ratio has been maintained throughout the power band.

Additionally, the SP1351 dual intake system includes twin, fully serviceable Injen SuperNano-Web dry air filters, which provides increased filter surface area allowing for greater airflow and unbeatable filtration. If that is not enough, the Injen SP performance intake provides power you can hear and feel! On our dyno, the SP1351 dual intake system put down an impressive 16 additional horsepower and 18 pound-feet of tire-scorching torque!

This intake provides an aggressive and throaty tone that is unmatched in the aftermarket and one that you will enjoy every time you smash the accelerator! Want to add that personalized touch to your intake? You are in luck, as Injen also offers this intake system in three amazing finishes, SP1351WB (Wrinkle Black), SP1351WR (Wrinkle Red), and SP1351P (Polished Finish). To top it all off, this SP CAI kit includes the unbeatable Injen Technology limited Lifetime Warranty!


Key Features:

• Direct fit for
   2019-2021 Genesis G70 V6-3.3L Twin Turbo
• Dyno Proven gains of up to 16 hp and 18 lb-ft. of torque
• Short Ram Air Intake Design
• Innovative Stepped Design allows for maximum airflow
• Stepped from 3.00in to 2.50in to 2.25in 6061-T6 aluminum intake tubing
• Dual mandrel-bent 6061-T6 aluminum intake tubing
• Twin Fully serviceable Injen SuperNano-Web dry air filter
• Replacement air filter part number X-1020-BB (Two Required)
• Optional Hydroshield part number 1035BLK or 1035RED
• Available in three amazing finishes:
   SP1351WB (Wrinkle Black)
   SP1351WR (Wrinkle Red) and
   SP1351P (Polished Finish)
• No additional tuning required
• Aggressive engine tone under full throttle
• Smooth intake piping eliminates restrictions and improves airflow
• Made in Pomona California, USA
• Injen Technology Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Note: This product is not currently CARB exempt and is not available for purchase in California or for use on any vehicle registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Part Numbers:

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