2023 SEMA Show Coverage

Injen returned for the 2023 SEMA Show, along with new and current innovative products to showcase to some of the industry's biggest automotive lovers and enthusiasts. This year at our booth, we displayed some of our most popular product lines and debuted four of our newest kits. Our new kits will fit models such as the Toyota GR Corolla, Toyota GR 86, Volkswagen GTI MK8, and 2023 Toyota Tundra.

With SEMA having come to a close, the Injen team wants to take a look back at some of our favorite builds from this year’s show. Whether it was luxury, sport, muscle vehicles, or trucks, SEMA had it all. There were cars of all shapes and sizes for attendees to marvel at. The following are a few that were most notable to us:

Burgundy Lotus-Radford Type 62-2: This is a burgundy Lotus-Radford Type 62-2 displayed in the Piper Crossing and Radford Motors booth. It oozes sheer elegance, and the engine being located in the rear of the vehicle under a gold colored hood is a noteworthy feature as well.

Brooke’s Car: Brooke Berini, a drag racer otherwise known as the Alpha Princess, brought her 2009 Nissan GTR to this year’s show. Aside from having an impressive build sheet, the first thing that catches any passerby’s eye is one evident feature— the car is pink! This was personally one of my favorite features on the car, with it also being the owner’s as well. The heart shaped tire rims from Heritage Wheels are also a noteworthy feature. Brooke’s GTR is a testament to the idea that women in the industry can be both badass, and in touch with their femininity. Make sure to follow her on Instagram! @brookeberini

DeLorean: This spin on a DeLorean was a sure fire hit at this year’s show. If the crowds of people standing around it weren’t enough to draw your attention, the Gullwing doors sure were. There were a number of changes and improvements made to the car, but the overall look stayed the same, which is how we like it.

Green Supra: A wide body GR Supra with a sleek, green finish. What’s not to love? This beauty was brought to us this year by BMP Tuning at Airlift Performance’s booth.

Josh’s Tacoma: For all the truck lovers, this one is special. Josh Oats brought his Toyota Tacoma to display at Eaton Performance’s booth. Not only is it equipped with F/R lockers, it’s also supercharged! The Tacoma’s booth setup helped display the truck’s unique suspension capabilities. Make sure to follow him on Instagram! @the_dark_yota

Kevin Hart’s Charger: If the fact Dave Kindig unveiled this car isn’t cool enough for you, surely the fact this is Kevin Hart’s “Bane” Dodge Challenger is! Sikkens displayed his Challenger this year at their booth, and it was a show stopper. Whether it was to stop and get a picture with Dave Kindig or this 1970s villain-inspired Dodge, attendees were flocking.

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Purple 1960s Volvo: Old school models made their presence known at this year’s SEMA, and this 1961 Volvo PV544 was no exception. Otherwise known as “Iron Maven,” this classic was put together by an all female team, Girl Gang Garage.

Make sure to stay tuned for 2023 SEMA Show Coverage and thanks for reading!

- Sofia D.

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