NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Ford Bronco Evolution Air Intake System

The hype behind the launch of the all-new Ford Bronco was unreal.  Now that you finally have that new Ford Bronco in your hands, it’s time to turn up the juice and add some easy power with the help of Injen Technology. 

Injen Technology’s new EVO9300 Cold Air Intake for the 2021-2022 Ford Bronco’s equipped with the 2.3L EcoBoost engine is here and one look at the stats of this intake system and you’ll know that it’s the right choice for your new Bronco.  The EVO9300 is a true 3D designed intake system that simply drops-in without any modifications, plus it delivers on those performance gains without the need for additional and expensive engine tuners. Simply install our intake system and you’re set with no check engine lights and no drama!

The EVO9300 uses a massive intake tube that starts out at 5.00 inches at the inlet and smoothly tapers down to 3.50in at the turbo.  This massive tube allows for huge increases in air volume to feed that hungry turbo for increased performance across the entire RPM band. 

As an option for your intake system, you can choice between either one of our free-flowing air filter options.  Our Blue SuperNano-Web dry air filter is tailored more for the street driver that is also a weekend warrior.  Simple to clean and maintain, this is the standard option with our intake systems.  If you plan to off-road more often and hit fine silt, we recommend you use our Red 8-layer oiled cotton gauze filter.  No matter which filter you choose, there is no price difference for either system.

 Housing and Ram Air Scoop made from Roto-Molded XLPE:

The EVO9300 system features our 1-piece box design that incorporates our patented Twist Lock air filter attachment technology. The box is molded into our fully functional ram air scoop that is twice the size of OE.  This increase allows our intake to capture the maximum amount of cool air to feed that hungry turbo.

The EVO9300 also incorporates an adaption point for our upcoming snorkel system.  Please note that our system only works with the Injen snorkel and no other OE or aftermarket units.

Intake Tube made from Roto-Molded XLPE:

The EVO9300 Evolution Cold Air Intake System uses a custom designed and dyno-tuned intake tube to produce huge power gains while retaining an OE quality fit.  The tube starts out at a whopping 5.00in and smoothly tapers down to 3.50in for increased air volume and reduced restriction.

SuperNano-Web Dry Air Filter:

'That’s massive!' is all you will hear about this SuperNano-Web Dry air filter that is included with the EVO9300 cold air intake system. Using the largest filter possible for this application has increased the available air volume, resulting in added power while keeping the installation process quick and simple.

Quality Hardware:

From the Stainless Steel Band Clamps with an inner protective liner to the reinforced automotive grade silicone coupler, every aspect is covered for a perfect and secure fit. 

Hassle-Free Installation:

Make it easy! By designing this kit in a 3D workspace, you’re ensured a quick and easy installation that not only increases the power output of your engine, but also provides a clean and powerful look that others see every time you pop your hood.

Dyno Proven:

Plain and simple, NUMBERS talk! Injen has put in the time and diligence to stand behind our performance data. We put in the time to test and prove that we have developed a superior kit for your 2.3L Turbo equipped Ford Bronco. After hours of designing and dyno testing, Injen is proud to say that the EVO9300 Evolution Air Intake system puts down numbers of up to 13 additional horsepower and 13 Ft.-lbs. of torque.

Boasting a simple install, patented air filter mounting system, cross-linked XLPE construction, enlarged front-facing scoop that is over twice the size of OE, and an adaption point on the side of the airbox for Injen’s upcoming snorkel.  Add to that some the highest dyno-proven horsepower gains on the market, the clear choice for your Bronco is the EVO9300 by Injen Technology.

Part Numbers:

  • SuperNano-Web Dry Air Filter: EVO9300
  • 8-Layer Cotton Gauze Oiled Air Filter: EVO9300C



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