OLAF Events Desert Clean Up Recap

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Here at Injen Technology, we have been working tirelessly for the past 4-5 years to showcase our passion for not only the Sport Compact Market Segment, but also the Truck and Off-Road Scene as well. When we heard about OLAF’s humble effort to do their part and remove as much trash as possible from the Johnson Valley OHV Area, we jumped on the opportunity to support them and provide whatever was necessary. Not only does this abandoned waste serve as an eyesore and a hazard to motorists, but it also creates a hostile environment to the already sparse wildlife that occupies one of the last undeveloped areas within California’s state lines. As a reward to the participants that arrived to help, OLAF planned and organized various festivities involving many different Performance Off-Road Auto Part Manufacturers. Some of the most widely known brand names such as, Savvy Off-Road, LGE-CTS Motorsports, Hellwig Suspension Products, Can-Am, and Pelican brought out their absolute best products and innovations to showcase inside the Savvy Ranch warehouse during the trade show segment of the event. The trade show itself served as a wonderful transition into the delicious barbeque dinner and open bar, which set the laid-back tone for the evening as the sun set. Shortly after dinner the raffle winners were announced and the Injen bonfire was lit, offering warmth and a place for ourselves and the participants to share the kinds of stories that make the car and truck community into everything it embodies today. As the night sky swiftly consumed the horizon, everyone at the event gathered for the warehouse party to bring the night to a close.

The cleanup endeavor started in the early morning, before the sun started peeking over the vast ranges of boulder covered hilltops. The participants that chose to camp overnight started their journey and ventured out into the still desert landscape to see what sort of challenge awaits. Tasked with taking the tough terrain by storm, the highly skilled drivers carefully navigated through the lakebed and conquered the seemingly unending trails; carving their way through the hills of rock. Throughout the undertaking of this daunting journey, with the main goal held closely in mind, our adventurers kept a careful eye out for undisposed waste left by those before us. After filling several large shipping containers, even dragging the rusted chassis of a decrepit car into camp for disposal, their cleanup efforts came to a close. The sense of pride in everyone’s collective accomplishment was almost tangible.

Once we were notified that the trade show had begun, participants funneled inside to see what the various event partners had to offer. Alongside the vendor’s booths, OLAF had also set up a few couches, chairs, and tables for everyone to have a comfortable place to relax and socialize. Throughout the vendor showcase we had the pleasure of meeting a plethora of long-time supporters of Injen, as well as a select few that hadn’t heard of us prior to the event. Through many questions, laughs, and stories we made sure that we gave our visitors the clearest possible picture of what Injen is truly about. The highest quality, top performing auto parts without the need for expensive tuning.

Shortly after the trade show came to a close, everyone collectively lined up to grab our complimentary grub. Backwoods Barbeque did a bang-up job on everything they brought to the table, literally. After everyone was finished eating, the raffle winners started to be announced. Everyone present crowded around and eagerly awaited the sound of their number being called over the PA. Our offering, an Injen Gift Certificate, was handed out midway through the giveaway. The winner’s reaction was priceless. His smile completely uncontained and his hollers of joy could be heard from half a mile away. It was so inspiring to see someone as glad to receive our product as we are to design and produce them.

While the raffle was being wrapped up, the bonfire was started and chairs set up around it for the tired visitors after a long day. As the raffle came to a close the visitors gathered and exchanged stories of old times and broken axles. The memories exchanged truly embody the teamwork, drive, lessons learned, the good times and the rough patches that founded the automotive community as we know today. While we may have provided the firewood, there’s more to a bonfire on a campsite than the material consumed by it. We wanted to not only provide warmth and comfort, but also a foundry for new friendships and laughs.

As the night set in completely, the warehouse party picked up steam. The DJ turned up the music and everyone crowded the bar and lounge areas. It was a wonderful time and personally I’m very grateful to be a part of such a closely-knit team and being presented the opportunity to cover such a wonderful event with a great cause behind it. Throughout all of the festivities, the passion for off-roading, the vehicles that tackle this tough terrain, and the environment itself was awe-inspiring to say the least. Despite this being OLAF’s first attempt at organizing a desert cleanup, I commend them for doing an excellent job and even exceeding my expectations. I’d also like to thank the other brands that partnered with us to create a great experience for those who decided to come out. Thank you for all of your help,

  • ShiftPod
  • Wild Roots
  • Mananalu
  • Evans Brewing Co.
  • Owl Off-Road
  • Can-Am
  • Hellwig Suspension Products
  • Soundboks
  • Savvy Off-Road
  • Baja Forged
  • Pelican
  • Trigger Wireless Control Systems
  • AFN 4x4 Accessories
  • LGE-CTS Motorsports

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