Injen Technology at the Spring Festival of Lx's 2018

The Spring Festival of LX's has some deep origins in Southern California as an enthusiast gathering for one of the sickest vehicle platforms to descend upon the American market in ages. Dating back to 04, "LX" first referred to the new rear-wheel drive vehicle platform for the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Magnum. In 2006, the Dodge Charger was born and added to the lineup! 
The Spring Festival of LX's has grown significantly and allowed the LX designation to not only cover the first gen. LX's but also become an all-encompassing classification that includes later iterations of LX  including (Chrysler 300), LC (Dodge Challenger) and LD (Dodge Charger). 
This show is a must for anyone that is a fan of either Chrysler, Dodge, Mopar, and SRT platforms. The Spring Festival of LX's attracts well over a thousand enthusiasts. So if you come out to the show make sure to swing by the Injen booth to score some killer swag and gnarly show specials!

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