The Injen EVO-1103 Cold Air Intake for the 2012-2016 BMW 3-Series

Injen is proud to introduce the all new Evolution sealed cold air intake system for the 2012-2016 BMW 3-Series! The EVO1103 cold air intake has been designed using some of the most up-to-date engineering tools and techniques to produce a top notch intake system. The EVO1103 housing encloses an Injen Super-nano web dry air filter to provide both killer air flow and added performance. This all new BMW 3-Series intake kit comes with all necessary hardware to provide a simple and fast installation.

Roto-molded Housing:
The two-piece housing of the EVO1103 sports the Injen Midnight Edition badge for a cleaner more aggressive under hood appearance.

Roto-molded Intake Tube:
This Evolution Air Intake System uses a custom designed and dyno-tuned intake tube to produce good power gains while retaining a clean and quality fit.

SuperNano-Web Dry Air Filters:
The SuperNano-Web Dry air filter is uniquely designed to increase flow, well providing a hassle free cleaning process.

Quality Hardware:
 From the stainless steel band clamps with inner protective liner to the reinforced automotive grade silicone couplers, we use nothing but premium hardware to provide the most secure installation available.  

Dyno Results:

After hours of design work and Dyno testing the EVO1103 Evolution Cold Air Intake system put down an impressive 14 additional horsepower and 15 lbs. of torque.       

• Designed to work with the stock calibration 
• Aggressive intake growl under acceleration
• Durable Roto-Molded Polyethylene tube and housing 
• Reinforced automotive grade silicone couplers
• Stainless steel band clamps with inner protective liner
• Midnight Edition Injen badge for an threatening under hood appearance
• Larger inlet air scoop and induction tube

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