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1. Will adding an Injen air intake increase my miles per gallon?
2. What increase in horsepower can I expect from adding an Injen?
3. Is horsepower the only thing I should consider in an air intake system?
4. How does an Injen air intake system differ from other brands?
5. Will water enter my engine if I install a cold air intake?
6. Are Injen air intake system's street legal and will I have a problem passing state vehicle inspections due to the altering of my air box?

7. Will an Injen air intake system cause my vehicle's mass air sensor to fail?
8. Can an engine receive too much airflow?
9. Will I need to make engine adjustments to my vehicle after I install an Injen air intake system?

10. How much does an air intake kit cost?
11. Can I purchase replacement parts or filter?
12. Will the use of an Injen air intake void my factory warranty?
13. Will the surgical cotton gauze shrink from engine heat?
14. Should I rotate my filter to get more longevity?
15. How do I know when to clean the air filter?
16. Can I use cleaning agents other than the Injen cleaner and oil?
17. Can I use an air compressor to dry the filter faster?
18. Should I hit the filter on the ground or use a brush against the screen to remove larger particles of debris?

19. How much oil should I use to re-oil my filter after it is cleaned?
20. How can I tell the size of the engine in my vehicle?
21. Can I get a free decal?
22. Does Injen offer any sponsorship?
23. Can I purchase products directly from Injen Technology?
24. Will a car type intake fit my car type since they share the same engine?
25. Is it OK to change my filter to another brand or type?

1.Individual driving habits will have a significant effect on fuel efficiency. Most consumers purchase Injen products for increased horsepower and torque. However, many of our consumers report enjoying an increase in miles per gallon. Actual results will vary depending on your vehicle, driving habits, applied load on the engine (such as towing), existing factory air system restrictions, etc. Less restrictive air passageways such as an Injen air intake can provide more efficient combustion. If you are like most performance enthusiasts and take advantage of the additional horsepower by driving harder, you will not see much of an increase in MPG, if any at all. For more information about fuel efficiency, click here.

2. We offer several varieties of air intake systems. The product lines offered include: Sport Compact; RD-Race Division, IS-Short Ram Intake Systems, EIS-European Series, and our new Truck/SUV and Performance Automotive Series called Power-Flow. Each product line has unique characteristics designed to meet your specific needs while taking into consideration our minimum quality standards and the OEM factory settings.

IS Intake Systems
The IS Series is a traditional, underhood intake system that is placed in the stock location of the factory air-box system. Each system is built from 6061, T-6 aluminum alloy to ensure the lightest design possible. Every IS system is certified by the California Air Resource Board or submitted with pending approval and backed by Injen Technology's limited lifetime warranty.

EIS Series European Intake Systems
The EIS Series utilizes both cold air and short ram air intake systems designed specifically for International vehicles and the owners demand for high performance products. Each kit is strategically designed to provide maximum horsepower and torque gains. EIS systems are built using 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy integrating flawless bends and interconnections to maintain smooth and cold air for optimumperformance gains.

RD Series Race Division Intake Systems
The RD series is a cold air intake system for the enthusiast craving mid-range power. The intake tube is strategically placed behind the front bumper to acquire colder, denser air. Although most of the RD series is a one-piece design, several are two-piece designs due to the mass air flow meters. Every RD system is certified by the California Air Resource Board or submitted with pending approval and backed by Injen Technology's limited lifetime warranty.

SP Series Intake Systems
This unique design was specifically engineered with MR Technology (MegaRam), to provide maximum horsepower gains and take into consideration the air to fuel ratio's set by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. MR Technology is a sophisticated tuning process developed by Injen Technology; altering Cold Air Intake systems to be carefully tuned within Factory Safe limits. Through a series of engineered and tested air-restricted sections, the pressurized mass air is controlled to a calculated aggression, allowing for a proper air/fuel calibration. The end results allows for more reliable and consistent horsepower/torque gains. MR Technology is the World's First Tuned Intake System! Every SP system is certified by the California Air Resource Board or submitted with pending approval and backed by Injen Technology's limited lifetime warranty. (Vehicles without Mass air sensors will have special tube designs but may not include MR Technology)

PF Series POWER-FLOW Air Intake Systems
The POWER-FLOW series has Revolutionize air intakes for Truck/SUV and Performance Automotive vehicles. Injen has spent countless hours engineering this revolutionary design; incorporating every known premium feature and added several new Injen only unprecedented features. These features include our MR Technology (Worlds Only Tuned Air Intakes), heat resistant Composite POWER BOX with Polished Brushed Aluminum Skin, Cold Air Inducer, Air Stabilizer, Velocity Stack and Stainless Steel Pre-Filters. The POWER-FLOW has so many features and is loaded with such high horsepower gains your friends will be begging you to look under your hood. For more details of each feature click on our POWER-FLOW section of the Website. Every POWER-FLOW system is certified by the California Air Resource Board or submitted with pending approval and backed by Injen Technologyvïs limited lifetime warranty. This air intake just set the new benchmark for air intake systems.

NO! All of us enthusiasts love to add the highest possible horsepower. If your only concern were horsepower, then why would even consider using an air filter? How about running bare to the air without an air filter at all? Because you want to keep your engine running. Even the world's top racers consider more then just horsepower. Depending on what series of racing you are competing in, several factors must be considered. If your driving on a street or racing around a dirt track, keeping your engine clean from dirt and even water may mean the difference between winning or losing the next race or arriving home from vacation with your own vehicle Vs a rental (check out our Hydro-Shield). As noted with our MR Technology, using a non-tuned air intake system may mean the air-to-fuel ratio's you are operating with are very lean or too rich; have

4. As a professional company, we will never speak negatively about another competitor or their products. However, what we can offer is information as to how we manufacturer our products and reasons we believe specific design requirements are necessary to provide the following: maximum horsepower, engine protection, product quality, optimum fuel efficiency and longevity of the product. Every product manufactured by Injen Technology is designed from the highest quality materials, engineered to be vehicle specific and meet individual goals of the user. For example, the Race Division Series handles mid-top range power cravings and the SP series is designed for the most sophisticated current model engines delivering maximum power results at all levels. The new Power-Flow incorporates an industry first POWER BOX. Like our other air intakes, this series has unique high performance characteristics and components specifically engineered to perform under conditions such as air starved engines, big block horsepower requirements, dirty environments, OEM air-to-fuel ratiovïs, etc. All intakes utilize 60601 T6 aluminum tubing or Cast design, Tig welding, swedging and Mass Air Sensor adaptors as necessary. You should also consider that many manufacturers produce their product overseas. No research, development or testing is incorporated into most of these designs. Injen Technology keeps all steps of the manufacturing in-house. All intakes are tested on actual vehicles using our in-house four-wheel drive Dyno-Jet before production starts

5. Under normal driving conditions this is usually not a problem however, in harsh rains or flooding if the filter becomes submerged in water the engine may ingest water. Rain splashes and small puddles can cause hydrolock and may cause damage to the engine. If possible, it is highly recommend avoiding puddles or flooding conditions. Most filters lie 12'-14' above ground. You may significantly reduce the risk Hydrolock by purchasing Injen Technologyvïs Hydro-Shield pre-filter. Hydro-Shields provide added protection against water ingestion and pre-mature clogging of your air filter. All Hydro-Shields are manufactured with a hydrophobic process creating shield against water. The Hydro-Shields also shield against debris as small as .005' increasing the length of time your filter performs at maximum horsepower. Hydro-Shield are water repellent and not water proof. (See Hydro-Shields on our website)

6. Injen Technology submits all of our air intake systems for CARB exemption approval (California Air Resource Board). All of our air intake systems are either certified by CARB or have been submitted for CARB exemption. Considering California has some of the toughest emission laws in the country, CARB approval has been accepted as legal by other states. Each of these kits includes a high temperature decal with the CARB exempt OEO number. This decal identifies approved aftermarket add on products from non-approved products. As long as you have the approved decal you shouldn't have any problems with vehicle inspections. You can visit our Website and click on CARB EO listings to determine the CARB status.

7. Currently, Injen is unaware of any evidence that an Injen air intake, air filter or oil from an Injen air filter can damage or cause the malfunction of a Mass Air Flow sensor, regardless of the vehicle involved. Injen is the only company offering a Tuned Air Intake system (MR Technology) that takes into consideration the factory air to fuel ratio settings. We are committed to quality products, proper testing and vehicle compatibility designed to follow OEM settings preventing the possibility of vehicle damage or malfunction of any automotive component. Currently we have not received any claims of damage or problems.

8. No, an engine can only take in a fixed volume of air depending on the engine's size. Availability of excess air would simply be unused. The more restriction that an air intake system (filter, air box, and tubing) causes, the greater the potential is for power and mileage degradation. Keep in mind cold air is always an improvement in an air intake system. What is critical is ensuring the correct mixture of air to fuel ratiovïs as set by the OEM manufacturers.

9. On fuel injected vehicles, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) computer and emissions control system will usually partially adjust for the increase in air. The OEM computer will adjust immediately if it is reset. Removing the battery cable from the battery for a minimum of 15minutes should reset the computer. Injen Technology offers MegaRam Technology for many of the latest vehicles, MR Technology follows the manufactures air to fuel ratio specifications. In most cases this means no adjustments will be necessary. Many aftermarket kits on the market may require significant adjustments specifically to richen or lean out the system which may require the need to purchase an expensive external electronic management system; this is not the case with Injen products.

10. It depends upon the application. The average price range is from $175.00 to $500.00. The main factor affecting pricing is the complications of design and cost of the materials to manufacturer the kit. The more complicated the bends, swedging or polishing, and number of parts, the greater the price. Visit our Website and click on the dealer list for a local source or current pricing.

11. Yes, replacement parts and filters are available form any local authorized Injen retailer or the Injen online store. We highly recommend using a local source for immediate service. Visit our Website and click on the dealer list for a local source or current pricing.

12. The Magnusson-Moss Warranty - Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act of 1975 protects consumers from such fraudulent activity by new car dealers. Under this Act, aftermarket equipment that improves performance does not void a vehicle manufacturer's original warranty, unless the warranty clearly states the addition of aftermarket equipment automatically voids your vehicle's warranty or if it can be proven that the aftermarket device is the direct cause of the failure. The easiest way to check this is to look in your owner's manual under, "what is notcovered". Under Magnusson-Moss Act a dealer must prove, not just vocalize, that aftermarket equipment caused the need for repairs before they can deny warranty coverage. If they cannot prove such claim-or offer an explanation- it is your legal right to demand compliance with the warranty. The Federal Trade Commission (202.326.3128) administers the Magnusson-Moss Act and monitors compliance with warranty law. Ct cause of the failure. The easiest way to check this is to look in your owner's -Moss Act a dealer must prove, not just vocalize, that aftermarket equipment caused the need for repairs

13. No. You will not have a problem with the material shrinking as long as the proper cleaning solutions and oil are used. Do not use a hair dryer to dry your filter after cleaning.

14. This is actually recommended. Most vehicles have a particular area to draw air in from based on the filter surroundings and rotating the filter will keep it clean longer.

15. How often you need to clean your filter will depend on the air and road conditions in your area. Most filters require cleaning before the dirt build up gets as thick as the wire mesh. The usual interval is 30,000 - 40,000 miles depending on driving conditions. We recommend that you check your filter about once a year in normal usage and once every six months if you are located in a dirty environment. If you are running with a cold air intake we recommend checking the filter every 10,000 vê 15,000. Using a Hydro-Shield will reduce service intervals.

16. We highly recommend that you only use Injen Technology oil and cleaner. Injen Technology air filter is a specific mineral oil blended with special polymers to form a very efficient tack barrier. Standard petroleum products such as transmission fluid and motor oil will soften and destroy the filter bonding agents and sealed edges. Injen cleaner is a non-detergent degreaser. Solvents, gasoline and various house hold chemicals will harden the rubber seals causing the filter to distort and may affect the ability of cotton fibers to function properly. A mild detergent can be used in an emergency situation, but care should be taken to fully rinse and remove the soap. Removing soap from the filter can be extremely difficult or time consuming. Always ensure the filter is completely dry before re-oiling.

17. No, this can blow holes directly through the filter material and ruin the filter. Choose a warm sunny day if possible to clean the filter and let it dry naturally.

18. No, this could damage the filter base or top and tear holes in the cotton gauze. (see filter cleaning instructions provided with every kit or cleaning instructions on this web site).

19. Surgical cotton air filters are extremely absorbent and will not require significant amounts of oil. Keep in mind very little oil goes a long way. Using a small bead of oil, run the bead up and down the filter pleat allowing time for the filter to absorb the oil and act as a wick. If after 10-15 minutes the filter has areas that look gray, add a small amount of oil in the gray or un-oiled area only. Never over oil an air filter.

20.North America: The Majority of vehicles have an emissions decal placed either on the backside of the hood, on the air box (the box that holds the air filter in place) or on the radiator core support. Your engine size should be shown on the decal (5.7L for example). If you are unable to locate the emissions decal you may also find the engine size printed on the decal under the hood that shows your engine's belt routing. If you still cannot find your engine size, contact your local dealer.Europe: Your registration documents will detail your engine size and type of vehicle. However, if you do not know whether your vehicle is single point injection (SPI) or multi point injection (MPI) we suggest you consult your local dealer.

21. Yes, you will need to send a self addressed stamped envelope to Injen Technology Co. Let. 285 Pioneer Place, Pomona, CA 91768.

22. We only accept sponsorship proposals by US mail, all e-mail requests will be deleted and unanswered. If a proposal is mailed in, we only notify you if it is accepted. Please no inquiries.

23. Sorry, we do not sell direct to the public. You may contact any authorized dealer to assist you. For a dealer nearest you visit our Dealer List on the Website.

24. Possibly one intake may fit many different makes and model vehicles but we can not guarantee fitment on any vehicle unless it is clearly stated and intended for that specific make and model. We test each product we make for horsepower and fitment specifically for each application.

25. It is possible to fit another brand of filter onto an Injen intake system, but by doing so you will be altering your intake system and voiding the CARB status. During testing, Injen test each filter design for type of vehicle and making sure that the filter will work in conjunction with the factory ECU and settings. By changing filter designs or brands, it is quite possible that you will get an engine check light and or sacrifice horsepower. We do not recommend changing the filter from what originally supplied with the air intake system. In addition, all of our SP and
PF series use MR Technology which means they are specifically tuned to your vehicles OEM Air/Fuel ratio's. Changing any component may significantly alter the Air/Fuel ratio's, void your warranty and possible damage your engine.


Injen Technology is a leading manufacturer of Cold Air Intakes and the creator of The World's First Tuned Cold Air Intake System.

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